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Funding & Accountability


Care Outreach receives no Government Funding, relying on the generous donations of Businesses, Churches, Community groups and individuals.

Donations over $2 are Tax Deductible

Care Outreach head office run two bank accounts in conjunction with each other.
1. Everyday account Care Outreach Ltd BSB 034 204 A/C 193 866
This account covers our day to day expenses along with our visitation programs and a variety of other projects throughout the year eg: ladies events, property assistance

2. Disaster account Care Outreach Ltd BSB 034 279 A/C 273 107
100% of the funds donated into this account go towards our Farmers


Funds are used solely for NSW purposes
Care Outreach Ltd BSB 034 185 A/C 194 344


Care Outreach is a registered not-for-profit and is accountable to a independent Board of Pastors and Business people. Our Board are responsible for the governance and stewardship of Care Outreach in Australia. Our financial statements are audited annually and our charity status is held in Queensland and New South Wales (QLD CH1567 & NSW CFN 20907).

Care Outreach holds both PBI and DGR status with the Australian Tax Office.

ACN: 106 419 327

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Thank you for supporting our Aussie Farmers! Every bit counts and we couldn’t do it without our army of faithful volunteers and the generosity of our community.

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