The following excerpts have been taken from Thank You messages received during 2016

  • Once again your dedicated team are in the Bollon/Cunnamulla area for Ladies Day Out. I know this takes an enormous amount of work & donations to say the least. I come away from this day with positive thoughts, and feel so good in myself. It is always a humble privilege to receive hope and prayers by your volunteers.  A simple thank you seems inadequate for what you have done for us in the Bollon/Cunnamulla area.  I look forward to the visit from your volunteers.  My husband and I sold our beloved Station at the end of 2015, either we sold or the bank would take it – due to drought, we were very saddened by this – but we were being lead somewhere else, we have now purchase a small business in Bollon and have been blessed with this.  Care Outreach staff (Volunteers/donors/organizers/ on the ground staff including administration) should feel very proud of all they give, in my order of giving:Prayers/guidance/friendship/food parcels.  This is to name a few…  At times on the Station I struggled with many things, the drought, the payments, the family, many things. At some of my lowest points your volunteers would magically appear and give me (lost for words) basically I received what I needed & I came up again & looked at the world differently.  What Care Outreach have created is a God send to us out here, some appreciate this from their heart & sole – others don’t know how to show it (embarrassment) others are just takers. But the volunteers still come with hope/prays/gifts and their happy disposition. I truly want you to know that what you  do is one of the greatest gifts humans can give – CARING FOR OTHERS.  PRAYS FOR THOSE IN NEED.
  • A quick email to thank you and Care Outreach for your constant care and thoughts as we battle this drought which started for us at December 2012 as we began moving stock off and preparing. As you are aware we are running two properties in 2 different regions both straddling drought. We are stretched to say the least in mind, body and soul. I got back to here for Easter – 12 months  – since I had been home. The first message I received on the phone was a call from your volunteers with Easter Blessings. Thank you. The surprise packages are very touching – Thank you All. It lifts our Spirits.Many times we think that we are totally battling on our own and then along comes a surprise –
  • Thanks for the mothers day gift package it was much appreciated. It’s nice to feel special in hard time so thank you for your thoughts, time and actions, I’m sure the other mothers and families feel the same
  • By these few lines I would like to thank you most sincerely for your visit to a few weeks ago.  I was in Toowoomba and was sorry I missed you.  However, my husband really enjoyed your visit and told me so by ‘phone that same afternoon.  Thankyou so much for your time and care.   It was indeed a lovely surprise for me when I returned to see a beautiful box of groceries left for us.  This very kind gesture is very much appreciated and we give thanks to all concerned who provided same.  Everything is so useful and so helpful.  The beautiful Mothers Day Gift I am keeping until Mothers Day in May.  It will be such a thrill to enjoy opening it then. It has been such a treat to receive the Apricot Chutney, Pickles and Cucumbers made by someones special hands.  They are all lovely and on the go.  The pumpkins have been really great also.  The contents of the carton are all so fresh and lovely and will be put to good use.


  • When I come home to find your Survival Package I am reminded that we are part of the 86% of Queensland that is suffering and I am so grateful that you and your team travel the miles to find us. We are entering our fifth dry winter and my stomach does have a churning feeling. I am the worrier. At night when the kids are in bed I cry as this is my release for the long days that I endure. I do want to scream out and say this is not fair but I know that this will have no help for me, only upset my family because they may think I have “lost it”.  I say a prayer before bed and give thanks that I have kept it together and made a difference today. A difference can be small… Waking and thinking of a positive for the day ahead, Not getting angry when another piece of machinery breaks down, Not yelling at the kids in frustration at their moody responses, Not questioning why no rain has fallen on our land and Not forgetting to sit for a moment. Today I was sent a message “live, learn and educate kindness” Your generosity is unfailing and your support is very comforting and the words of thank you seem so very small. Our family loves the food box, clothes, books, dvds and pamper packs that you delivered. Your volunteers provide love and attention and have become family on the many visits. Thank you for your Kindness.
Other words from earlier times

“… we all get a little carried away that the “people in the city” don’t give a darn about us, but it’s nice to know we are proved wrong and we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful hampers that were personally delivered by your fantastic volunteers.”


“Our drought seems to be getting worse, so we were grateful for your kindness, it is also wonderful to know that someone is thinking of us in the midst of what is really a natural disaster. Thank you for your moral and practical support.”


“Heartfelt thanks for your hard work and compassion in caring for the “bush”. We sincerely wish to also thank those who have volunteered to assist Care Outreach, including the companies, businesses, community groups and individuals. Your efforts have served to bring us happiness and give us strength. Just to know people care has a long lasting and profound impact on our lives.”

” I am writing this letter with a special thank you … and those people who donated goods and gifts to make a lot of peoples Christmas’s very special. A LITTLE BIT OF THOUGHTFULNESS FROM A LOT OF PEOPLE GOES A LONG WAY.”

“… whether by design or accident 3 lovely fellows turned up at our small farm, on the anniversary of my husband’s passing. 5 years of drought, unexpected financial loss, assault on a family member … left us still finding refuge for those worse off than ourselves. . . it is rare, almost unheard of for us to receive unsolicited gifts. We have not looked for them, but on occasion have wondered how others “come by” tid-bits when we would have welcomed something ourselves. THEN, your fellows turned up. With smiles & goodwill all round, listening but not mournful, chipper in their comments. How can we thank you? We can’t! Everything in the box was useful and of a brand we might have bought ourselves. Thank you for this perspective of not only ‘giving out’ but sometimes being worthy enough to receive a gift as well …”

“Thank you for thinking of the people in our area. We are still experiencing severe drought and have not had any sort of break from it for over 3 and 1/2 years. We appreciated your kind thoughts and although we are a fairly ‘tough and resilient mob’ we are all feeling the financial and emotional strains of such a long dry period.”

” We would like to thank Care Outreach very much for bringing Christmas to our home. We have been very touched by your organisations care and we are so very grateful to all who donated. All we can say is THANK YOU. Times of drought are so cruel, mentally, physically and financially, but your thoughtfulness has helped to ease the pain.”