We are always in need of non-perishable food items to put into our food parcels – for example:

  • Breakfast:Weetbix, Cornflakes, Rolled Oats, Jams, Marmalades, Peanut Butter, Vegemite, honey, tea & coffee
  • For Meals: Tinned vegetables, tomatoes, beetroot, fish, baked beans and spaghetti, pasta & pasta sauce, tinned meals, condiments, tomato & barbecue sauce, rice, chutneys and pickles, stock cubes, gravy powders…
  • Desserts and Baking: Tinned fruit, pie filling, condensed milk, jelly mix, creamed rice, cake mixes, custard powders, long life milk, flour, sugar …
  • Treats: Biscuits (not chocolate – it melts in the heat), Potato Chips, Snack biscuits, nuts, rice crackers, cordials & juice, Milo, Hot Chocolate.
  • Seasonal goodies: – Christmas Cakes, Shortbread, Tinned Biscuits, Christmas Confectionery.   – No Chocolate items please, it doesn’t travel well in the summer heat.
We make up ‘Toiletry Paks’ to send with teams year round. These can include:

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Soaps, deodorant, moisturizers, razors
  • Sanitary items, Cotton Wool, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, hairbrushes
  • Bandaids, Antiseptic creams, Manicure sets
New gift items brighten the lives of struggling families in rural and remote regions. Examples of these would include gifts for newborns through to seniors.

  • Baby: toys, bibs, clothes, blankets, linen, toiletries, cutlery, cups, bowls, plates
  • Toddler: toys, books, clothes, games, stuffed toys
  • Older children: books, games, art equipment (pencils, brushes, papers), sports items
  • Teens: books, puzzles, games, magazines, jewellery, craft-making sets, torches,  caps
  • Families: games, confectionary (no chocolate), special chutneys, Jams, teas, mugs, sports items, tea towels, hand towels, coasters, table cloths, biographies
  • Ladies: Cosmetic and toiletry type gift packs, hand creams, soaps, clothing, books, towels, tea towels, Linen – sheets, recipe books
  • Men: Toiletries, clothes and work socks (not business type), grooming kits, personal safety equip – safety glasses, ear muffs, work gloves; torches,
  • Seniors: pack of cards and other games, books, puzzles, Wool, Craft items, toiletries

Because of the distance required to transport items to deliver to families and the available warehouse processing space, our base criteria for quality is ‘would you be happy to receive it yourself’.With that in mind, we limited pre-loved donations to:

  • Clothing: clean, pressed and neatly folded.    Ideal are denim and cotton/blend fabrics, no acrylic or synthetic fabrics.  Items with marks, stains or holes cannot be used.
  • Linen: very good condition either new or as new: Sheets, blankets, doonas, bedspreads, towels
  • Toys: must be clean and in good working order, nothing broken
  • Teddy Bears and Fluffies: must be clean, no stains, marks or holes
  • Books: Adult – novels, biographies, general interest magazines – puzzles and crosswords are not to be done, Childrens books must be clean with no internal scribble or drawing.
  • Small electrical appliances in perfect working order and good general condition
  • From time to time we receive requests for kitchen and household items – please contact us to see if there are any specific needs.