Christmas for the Bush Qld and NSW has wrapped up for another year.

We are so grateful to each and every person that has made this project a success again.  From the front line field volunteers that give of their time and finance to fund their trips (as they travel over muddy flooded roads in Qld -as was the case this year), to the volunteers that have helped in the office with wrapping, packing, sorting, sweeping the floor, cleaning the toilets and putting out the rubbish, to the wonderful ‘Pray-ers’ that faithfully keep this work before the Lord both in house and at home.  We also appreciate every sponsor and donor that has contributed both financially and with physical goods to make this project happen.
We also value each and every family that is allowing us into their lives throughout this nation.  Lives that we are aiming to see transformed.

Some words of Thanks….……

We again find ourselves humbled by your organisations kindness as always.  There seems to be a higher power in control of your visits as they seem to happen when we need a bit more moral support than usual.  Don’t get me wrong, we are well and doing well in almost every respect.  Just sometimes the external reasons to a life we consider to be next to perfect, leaves us more than we would like physically  and mentally drained.  We really do enjoy all the visits that you all have bestowed upon us and for that we are truly grateful.  You all restore a glimmer of hope inside of us that there are still people out there who really do not want to do you any harm but to bestow a little if not a lot of happiness.                               
Thankyou so much for the Christmas Treats!!  We arrived home after being rained out from trying to spray some weeds and thinking “Oh NO -the wet is happening again!!!”  Your treats help lift my spirits so we will enjoy them very much!!                         Bye for now and Merry Christmas,
thank you for your generosity and commitment towards the people in rural and remote areas.  Unfortunately the creek was too high for you to cross so we were unable to see and thank you in person.  The children were excited to receive their presents and wanted me to extend a big thank you. Ash in particular likes the Santa Sacks as ‘they are homemade’.  Also the Christmas Cake and shortbread are always a welcome addition to the pantry.   We hope everyone at Care Outreach has an enjoyable Christmas and New Year      
……It’s so kind of you to think of us this way and I love the products in the toilet bag plus the delicious cake and biscuits which we will enjoy.  Such thoughtful gifts and all we can say is a huge thank you to whoever gave the goodies.  We appreciate such generosity and kindness.  You’ve made our day.  Our love and thoughts are with you as we rejoice in the birth of our Saviour.  May the love of Christ surround you at Christmas and all through the year.  We pray His many blessings will be poured out on you as you serve the Lord so faithfully.  Much love from us both
…..Merry Christmas to you and once again thanks to you Care Outreach for the kind delivery you make us each year.  It is warming to see that there are still caring and giving people in our world who give their time and items so graciously to others.
……We thank you for your visits and gifts.  The service you provide is great. It has helped us a great deal.  Your continued support and thoughtfulness since my husband passed away has been truly appreciated.  Your continued support for our family during my illness is not taken lightly and I can say we feel truly blessed that friends of ours got in touch with you on our behalf.                                          
…….We are sending a note of heartfelt thanks to you and all your volunteers for the beautiful hamper put together for us….. It is lovely to reflect and think that other people are still thinking of us and wondering ‘how we are going’.  What a perfect place the world would be if all did that all the time.  We really do appreciate the hamper and the thoughts and time and effort put into the boxing and many, many miles of delivery……….. (from a Condamine family)

On behalf of the Board, Staff and Volunteers we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2012.

About Care Outreach

Bill & Melissa Close founded Care Outreach in the early 1990's. Whilst travelling as itinerant ministers to churches and communities throughout Australia they travelled to a drought-stricken region and were struck by the disadvantages faced by Bush people. From then on the focus of their ministry shifted to caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of people in Rural and Remote Australia.
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